Download Portable DownTester 1.30 for Windows

Download Portable DownTester 1.30 for Windows is used to test the internet speed.Portable DownTester also provides the report of connection speed and saves them to your pc.

Download Portable DownTester 1.30 for Windows

portable DownTester is a little programming application whose design is to help people in testing the download speed of your Internet association and create reports.

Seeing this is the timely release of portable DownTester, you are never again required to experience the establishment procedure. It Implies, dissimilar to installers, it won’t add new things to the Windows registry and hard drive without your consent, and it won’t leave any sort of follows behind.

It is critical to likewise remember that by setting the program documents to a USB streak drive, you make it conceivable to run Portable DownTester on the fly, on any PC you have been conceded access to, with only a tick of the executable.

This device empowers you to enter a whole rundown of URLs from which you can begin your download tests, and also from a TXT record or whatever other configuration. The main window will show all additional connections, alongside points of interest, for example, name, status, speed (communicated in bytes and bits), size of downloaded thing and length.

Main Features of Portable DownTester:

  • check internet speed
  • generates a report
  • installation not required
  • a single executable file

Portable DownTester is a quite effective bit of programming for testing your download speed from determined URLs, devoted to both power and beginner clients because of its instinctive interface.

so if you want to check internet speed.Download Portable DownTester for Windows.

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