Download Portable Fast URL Checker for windows

Portable Fast URL Checker provides an extensive report on the response time, redirects and protocols of any link. Portable Fast URL Checker, in other words, you can say that is a link checker.

Download Portable Fast URL Checker for windows

It is the compact edition of the quick URL checker, so you don’t need to think about the installing process.It comes in an executable file, so you only need to click that.A person who has core competencies in dealing with technology can use it very efficiently.To get the details of the URL you need to paste the address into the search box. Also if you want to get a feature of bulk URLs, you only need to export the CVS file or XML  document.Despite your decision, the program forms your connection and showcases different information about every single one of them on a level plane. To be more particular, the reaction time, content sort, status code, reason, estimate, last URL, number of sidetracks, have, convention, header, and more ought to appear for a great perspective on every thing. For simplicity of route, gathering your sites in light of any of the previously mentioned channels is conceivable, which could demonstrate supportive particularly if you expect to make a CSV report.

Some important features of Portable Fast URL Checker:

  • Can scan multiple web sites
  • Can generate customizable reports
  • Can check the integrity of URL
  • Simple interface

On a Final note, Portable Fast URL Checker is a helpful programming answer for clients keen on investigating sites in mass. Considering that it puts available to you an enormous number of relevant parameters while likewise figuring out how to keep its GUI on the lightweight side, the application is indeed justified regardless of a shot.

Download Portable Fast URL Checker for windows. So what you are waiting for?


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