Download Portable TFlickr Downloader for Windows

Download Portable TFlickr Downloader for Windows is simple and easy to use Application that is used to download single or complete photo albums from Flickr.

Download Portable TFlickrDownloader for Windows

The application enables you to download entire albums and photo streams with ease and at the acceptable speed. Of course, the download time highly depends on the number of pictures and their size.

You start by creating a new project and specifying the URL of the photostream, choosing the download location and entering a custom name for the current task. You can specify the page range to scan for images and filter the images to download by their size.
While the task is being carried out, Portable TFlickr Downloader enables you to keep an eye on its progress. Displaying the number of active threads, the processed images and the page development alongside the download speed (which ranged from 160 to 180 KB per second during our tests) and the number of failed attempts.

When the operation is complete, a small notification window is displayed, and all the grabbed images are presented in an organized table, where you can preview them.

Important features of Portable TFlickr Downloader:

  • used to download Flickr photos
  • can download the complete album
  • monitor progress and speed
  • easy to use

So if you are a Flickr user then Download Portable TFlickr Downloader for windows