Download Privoxy for Windows

Download Privoxy for Windows is used to manage pop-ups, Ads, Cookies and many more things.Download Privoxy for Windows provides extra filtering options.

Download Privoxy For Windows

Privoxy acts as a proxy server that keeps the computer safe from the rubbish blocks specific filters out the banner ads and the pop-ups.Privoxy allows us to set customized rules for the application.We can block specific sites and can prevent them from saving their cookies to the browser.We can limit the internet access to certain pages.This Technique is used mostly by the educational institutes where the social sites or adult sites are blocked.The intermediary can likewise adjust certain parts from the site page to give the end-client the applicable data. This approach is utilized for expelling flags and supplanting them with sham substance keeping in mind the end goal to spare transmission capacity.Since the interface is just required to peruse the log messages and to see the sifted content, it requires negligible assets and has no effect on the PC execution.

Main features of Privoxy for Windows:

  • Acts As Proxy Server
  • Limit access to specific pages
  • Block Ads and Pop-Ups
  • Easy to Use

Privoxy for Windows is the best solution to block access to certain pages and also to block pop-ups and ads.

Download Privoxy for Windows


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