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Raidcall 7.3.6:

Raidcall is elegant and simple tool that allows you to instantly communicate with groups of people. Raidcall brings together elements of instant messaging, group communication and voice chat into a professional group communication software. Raidcall is powerful text and voice group communication tool. Furthermore, Raidcall is best choice of gamers while gaming. Raidcall devotes high quality voice service to gamers, bring completely a new experience for its unmatched functionally and powerful features. As a group communication based software, Raidcall is demonstrating both its support of excellence in gaming and it support of new, upcoming and gaming organizations.Download Raidcall Sample ImageMain Features:

  • Absolutely Free: Raidcall is an audio based cloud computing. Both the client and server software are free for all normal users (non-commercial). You can save money and server rental fee, and save time from sophisticated configurations.
  • Powerful Overlay: Raidcall overlay is builtin flash based engine which enables you to use Raidcall freely within any game. You may chat, talk and even watch walkthrough videos without over having to leave the game.
  • Social Network: You can meet plenty of new friends in Raidcall network, or use Raidcall track down your buddies.
  • Crisp and Smooth Audio Quality: Raidcall relies on the most popular and powerful audio engine, Speex, to effectively reduce noise and promote audio quality. Raidcall offers near perfect audio communication within your game.
  • Minimum Latency: Raidcall utilize UDP as communication protocol, therefore significantly shorten delay when when compared to TCP protocol used by other VoIP systems. With advance packet recovery algorithm, Raidcall offers real-time voice chat for your game, allowing your team to communicate with great efficiency and precision.
  • Light and Fast: Radicall is swift and light. The installation file is only 1.16MB. This software take only 10MB of your RAM and 0.77-1.55 of CPU.

Download Raidcall 7.3.6 For Windows:

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