Download Rank Tracker To Track Your Search Engine Rankings Free

The success of any website is always completely and fully depends upon that how it ranks on the search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo. It is a very time-consuming task to check the rank of any website manually, especially if the website is not found on the first page on the search engine.

It is the reason that why rank tracker has made. Each and everything that you do is to target the site ranking and then you specify the keywords one or more for your website.

This amazing software also tells you that how we can rank the keywords on different search engines and it also provides you with a huge range of statistics, also the progress graph, also with the record of history, and also many much more important things. Additionally, this software will help you to the research and also the harvest of new keywords, so hat you can easily and also quickly boost the ranking of your website.

Professional eye-candy ranking and traffic reports:

  • Keyword rankings and visibility report
  • Competition rankings report
  • Keyword rankings report (by keyword)
  • Keyword rankings report (by search engine)
  • Keyword research report
  • Website visitors (traffic) report

It is available free for you, both the professional editions & enterprise edition. This freeware version has also come with very few limitations, but you can easily use it till you need, without any paying. This software is made for Microsoft Windows, also for Mac OS, and also for the Linux Operating System. You can Download Rank Tracker Free from the link given below.

This software can easily and also quickly generate the new and latest keyword with suggestions, that are based on different criterion. You can very easily do this by given instructions. This amazing software has included a very large number of the different research methods according to your proposal, that can be chosen from the drop menu. This program also searches only for those keywords that depend on the methods that you have chosen and also the keywords that are received from the related searches of the Google or also from the other performing operations.


After the choosing of the research method, you have to enter the one or more keywords and then this software will find the new and latest keywords. The results will depend on the different statistics like competition level, also cost per click, also expected visitors, and also others. This method makes very easier fo the decision that which keywords you want. You can also choose the multiple keywords and then you can also add these keywords on the main interface, that will check the ranking of your website for those particular keywords.

Your all the keyword will show in the table of the contents, also with their ranks for the various search engines. You can also choose the various workspaces to show other statistics. This amazing software will allow you to customize your own workplaces. You can also make a workspace along the specific columns and also with the specific filters, in the general settings menu.

Download Free Rank Tracker To Track Your Search Engine Rankings