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Get Recuva Software Free. Best Data Recovery Tool – Recuva is compatible with windows 7 – 32 bit and 64 – bit, windows 8, windows 8.1 and further. Recuva is a data recovery tool which comes in handy when you’ve lost your previous data and want it back in an instant!  It often occurs that your files get deleted by mistake and you face severe problems in doing work. Thankfully, Recuva is there to aid you in this situation. Get recuva software download for pc.

Step by Step Approach to Using Recuva

Recuva takes a very brief time to be installed. Once the installation procedure is complete, you are guided by the Recuva user guide on how to use Recuva. The Recuva Wizard will guide you on how to use Recuva in the simplest way incase you don’t want to deal with the more complex and advanced options.

Recovery Process of Recuva

To recover lost or deleted files, Recuva must be restricted to a certain part of a device’s storage. Firstly, you need to configure Recuva on the device on which you want to search your data. Next, specify the type of file, its name and properties (if you remember them), and hit the search option in Recuva. An amazing feature of Recuva is its ability to be configured on any device like laptops, personal computers iPods, iPads, iPhones, and Android smartphones.

Recuva can recover any file, ranging from deleted music files to important emails, videos, pictures and text documents.

Deep Scan Mode

Deep Scan mode is an option which helps users recover their data incase the simple recovery options do not produce the desired results. The users can simply activate the Deep Scan mode by going to Recuva’s search settings and turning on the Deep Scan mode option.

How to Infer Scan Results by Recuva?

Once your files are located by Recuva, the software tells you the probability of obtaining the file successfully through bullet colors.

  • Green indicatesexcellent condition for recovery
  • Orange indicates poor condition for recovery
  • Red indicatesunrecoverable file

The software is able to tell you other information too like file size and type, and then you can further decide if you still want to recover it. Please note that the larger the size of a file, the more time it will take to be recovered.

Securely Delete Files

It’s not only file recovery with which Recuva can help; this software also assists brilliantly in deleting files safely. Though you can permanently delete files, they are still recoverable via Recuva’s recovery options.

Performance Offered by Recuva

Most people will have reservations about Recuva as a file recovery software. However, Recuva silences all critics by an extremely simple and easy to use, interactive user layout and good speed. Recuva is sufficiently quick in recovering files which are demanded by the user. However, Recuva uses a considerable amount of memory on the device it works on, and may cause the system to lag.

Recuva’s Deep Scan mode is a heavy option and increases the software’s memory consumption by a mile! It may cause the software to slow down the entire computer or device.

All in all, Recuva offers an inexpensive, convenient and fast method of recovering lost data. If you’re looking for software to ease your data recovery woes, look no more and get your copy of Recuva right now.

Download Recuva Software Free

Download Recuva Software Free

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