Download Site Seeker – A utility to know about your website

Site Seeker is a lightweight application software designed to help the user to know that why and how well your website is known on search engines. All the results on search engines are placed on the most relevant feedback in the minimum time on websites. It is also possible that these websites may contain similar content or information. If you want to know about your website similarly, then site seeker will help you throughout.

if you are wondering if your site is optimized, a Site Seeker tool can help you identify the things you should do to improve the search engine rankings. If your site does not seem to be getting enough traffic, you can check the site stats by using a Site Seeker.


When using the Site Search Results tab, you will see how many searches each keyword has been making on Google. It’s a good idea to use this tool to ensure that you have your site indexed by the search engines. The number of searches for a keyword, or the amount of time it takes to make a successful search is called the Page Rank. You can get a site ranked higher with more traffic.

You can find out how many visitors are actually on your site by using the Site Seeker. If you do not know the number of visitors, then you can set up a search and include your target audience in the search. If your site is not geared towards your target audience, you might not get the kind of traffic you want. Using the Site Search Results tab, you will also see how much people are actually viewing your site.

Using the Site Seeker tool allows you to see how many times your site has been visited and by what keywords. This information helps you make the right changes so you get the traffic you want. One example is by using a Site Search Result that includes terms that relate to the content on your site. If your site contains more keywords that relate to your topic, then you will be able to attract more visitors to your site.

Using the Site Search Results tab allows you to find a lot of information about your site. You can see all the visitors who have used your site to see how many times they came to the site. You can also see how many people are using the site and how many visitors are leaving. By using the Site Search Result, you can see how many people are actually on your site and how often they visit your site.

If you want to know what keywords are being searched on your site, then you can use the Site Seeker tool. You can enter the words on your site into the search box and see what kind of information you get. You can see how many times people are typing those words in when they search for them on Google. You can also see how many times people are being served by your site after they use your site to find information.

The program does need any installation process, so it is confirmed that it will not harm your computer performance and leave no traces on the system. The program introduces with a simple and interactive interface, so you can quickly understand all the features and navigate what should be entered in which field. The main thing should need to be a focus is that you have to find the most related word on your website. The search can be based on general services like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, etc. click on the “Search” button will display you the results on the new window. The program allows you to draw a graph according to criteria; it will take you less time to analyze through the graph.

Download Site Seeker