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Super Solo ADs


1- Make sure your firewall/anti virus does not block any aspect of this software, or the software will not function properly, or at all.

2- The software is clean and clear of any viruses. – If your antivirus pops a warning at you, it is because all antivirus companies feel that if a program is using both incoming and outgoing connections and has not paid a massive fee to get on their “known vendors” list, it must be bad. – This is obviously not the case.


Step One: Enter Your Facebook Login Credentials

Step Two: Select The Number Of Days Since Buyer Rated Seller

Step Three: Click The “Run This Program” Button.

*If you leave the select option at Zero, it will attempt to find listings posted within less than the last 24 hours.

** Drop menu timing feature is a rough estimation.


Any seller that it displays for you has very recently received online verification from a 3rd party (who paid) indicating that the solo ad seller not only delivered the clicks purchased, but sales were also made.

This is real-time, and about as cutting edge as you can get.


You should be able to connect with your selected buyer via facebook in most cases and setup a solo ad buy from them.

Run this software every single time you are ready to but a solo ad because the sellers who are hot today may not be hot tomorrow, and this software will always give you the most up to date “Who’s Hot” in the world of solo ads.


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Download SUPER SOLO AD FINDER Software