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Download Tftpd32 Software For Free

Tftpd32 Software:

Tftpd32 Software is lightweight application that integrates multiple services into one program and allows you to easily transfer files. It features a TFTP server and client, a SNTP server, a SYSLOG server, a DHCP server and DNS server. When starting the program the TFTP, DHCP and SYSLOG servers are already running but you have to configure all the servers to meetup your requirements and environment. The interface is simple, allowing you to choose current directory and server address. Tftpd32 Software Sample Image

After that you can access each tab in order to configure the each service. For example, in the case of FTP client, yo can input the host, port and block size, as well as the browse the file you wanna transfer. You can change the base directory of each service and configure its settings to according to your needs and preferences. You’ve multiple options at your disposal: In TFTP section, you can set security levels, as well as optionally choose to option negotiation, PXE compatibility or use of anticipation window when transferring, in order to obtain file transfer.

In addition to do this, you’ve to configure other services: as you set IP pool address and pool size for DHCP server, as well as the default router, mask and domain name. Also you can choose ping address before assignation. In the case of TFTP server, you can view the peer, the start time, the transfer progress and dimensions as the transfer process is running. More, the app record all your actions in log file, which you can view from designated tab. In this way, you can permanently track your actions and easily identify possible errors. Tftpd32 Software is all in one app that includes multiple services and offers you extended features that you can configure in order to obtain file transfer.

Download Tftpd32 Software For Windows:

File Size: 1MB

Price: Free