Download The Stats That Matter After Effects Template

Get Free The Stats That Matter After Effects Template. 1. Extract all files from the .zip archive. 2. Open the After Effects project (the .aep file). 3. You’ll notice a few folders in the Project window. To edit this template, drop down the Animations folder.

Download The Stats That Matter After Effects Template

This folder contains each individual animation as well as the controllers for editing them. Open any Animation composition to edit it Here you can easily change properties of the composition, such as colors, graphics, and values.

Note: Some animations do not have a controller layer. Instead, they have editable text boxes andnested compositions.
You are welcome to further customize any aspect of the template, including properties notcontained within the Controller layers. However, while Video Blocks is happy to assist withtechnical issues and basic editing instruction, we are unable to provide in depthone on onetutorials to teach users how to use After Effects.

5. Once you’ve finished editing the composition(s), you can export them in the format of your choice. In the Project window, drop down the folder called Final Outputs and choose from two HD compositions and one SD composition.

You can export the entire composition (which includes all individual animations in succession), or you can choose to export individual finalized animations.

6. To export an individual animation, move the handles of the Work Area bar to bookend the animation you want to export. Then, go to Composition > Add to Render Queue in the menu bar. Choose your encoding settings and press Render.