Download Tracks Eraser Pro Free

Tracks Eraser Pro Free Download

With only flick of a button you can clear all the record for the history data of your computer. The tracks eraser can wipe out all your history browsing data. Download Tracks Eraser Pro Free

By using this history cleaner tool you can clear¬†cookies,typed URLs,autocomplete memory,index.dat form your browser, and window’s temp folder, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents easily by just clicking a button on this tool easily.

It is much difficult to clean the tracks of your browsed data one by one and if you need to clear all your surfed data on regular basis then it will be a tough job if you have to do it manually. So with this freeware tool it is efficient to clear all you data records one in a while form all of your computer and the Tracks Eraser Pro can work with almost all computer applications.


Google Chrome Support
Mozilla FireFox 3 support
Apple Safari browser support
Windows Vista Support
Internet Explorer 7-8 support
AOL 9 support
Internet history cleaner
Windows history erasing
Secure Delete / Erase files and prevent recovery by undelete software.
Support over 100 popular applications.
Outlook Express support
File Shredder
Clean Disk Free Space (Wipe previously deleted files prevent recovery, nowsupports removable disks such as USB Flash Drives, SD Cards etc..).
Scheduling Clean, Wipe & Erasing
Stealth Mode
Shortcut Keys
Custom Items
Recycle Bin Shredder

Download Tracks Eraser Pro Free

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