Download TrekBuddy Blackberry Application Free

Get TrekBuddy Blackberry Application Free. This is a J2ME application that can be used with a GPS receiver. It is designed to work with every Java-enabled device. It has amazing capabilities such as, GPS tracking and simple navigation, bitmap maps without zoom, you can store bitmap maps with different resolution instead. You can arrange maps as atlas for increasing and decreasing resolution. Also trackloging in NMEA or GPX format. It has simple navigation with compas screen (HPS) and cockpit screen (CMS). It supports most commonly used map projections and grids, such as Transverse Mercator, Latitude/Longitude, Mercator, Swedish Grid, British National Grid, Universal Transverse Mercator, Irish Grid, Swiss Grid as well as custom datums.

Download TrekBuddy Blackberry Application Free

Platforms: BlackBerry

Categories: Travel & Navigation

Developer: Trekbuddy

License: Freeware

Download TrekBuddy Blackberry Application Free