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Download Videomizer Free

Get FreeVideomizer.This is an automatic video editor which can take your captured video to a new high level. Videomizer can also be used to convert the video to tour desired format. The editor has the ability toreduce blur, motion, fuzziness, repair blemishes of the video.


Download and install Videomizer. After installation, run Videomizer and you will be prompted with a message asking you to enter your name and email to get your license key; submit your name and email, and then check your inbox — there will be an email with a link you must click. When you click the link, you will be given your license key for Videomizer. Once you have your license key, run Videomizer again (if it is not running already), and register it with your license key at the trial message window. Take note, if you don’t see a trial message window or a registration window, that means you probably downloaded Videomizer in the past and it has remembered your registration from before. Enjoy!

Download Videomizer Free

Download Videomizer Free