Download WD Security for Windows

Download WD Security for Windows connect My Password Drive to the PC.Download WD Security for Windows secure the drive so that its data may stay secure from un authorizes access.

Download WD Security For Windows

WD Security for Windows Keeps Your WD Drive Safe By Setting Up password.It also keeps them safe from un authorized access.It keeps WD Drive Safe By just a few Clicks.After Installing the application we have to connect Our WD Drive.The Drive Is automatically detected and its properties like name, size and driver letter are displayed.We Can Set Auto Unlock Feature to Our WD drive By WD Security For Windows.Configuring a new password is extremely smooth, as you simply have to input the desired security key within the exact fields and shop the safety settings. You have to remember the fact that wd protection can not retrieve a forgotten or lost password, so all you have got left in this unlucky state of affairs is the password hint. And if it is not enough and you continue to can not recall the safety key, your records are probably lost forever.

Key Features Of WD Security for Windows:

  • Set Password
  • Keep Files Safe
  • Drives Automatically Detected
  • Easy to Use

So By Using WD Security For Windows, We can Set a password on our WD Drive.We keep our files safe and secure.

Download WD Security for Windows

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