Download Web2App iOS App Template Free

Download Free Web2App iOS App Template


Let’s ready to get Web2App iOS App Template iOS8/9 + Admob/NoAds & Push Notification and convert your Website in iOS App quickly with this. URL/HTML to iOS App + Admob Interstitial Ad & Push Notification Parse implemented. Now you can create your own App for iPod, iPhone & iPad with a few clicks. You have to just type your site URL in the AppCode & submit to the AppStore as you can see below.

Download Web2App iOS App Template Free

You’ll not have any issues with submitting your app to the AppStore if your site supports the mobile view. iOS 9 Supported!. You use a mobile site as a basis and the Xcode script wraps your site URL into a real application. Easy to customize icons & images in this app. The app is ready to upload to the App Store. Doesn’t require any configuration also supports the Portrait and Landscape View.

Web2App iOS App Features:

  • Support all URLs and all kind of Websites.
  • Optimized for all current iOS-devices.
  • Easily set your URL which should be loaded.
  • HTML5 Audio/Video.
  • Splash-Screen + Icon supported.
  • Parse Push Notifications already implemented.
  • Multitasking supported.
  • Includes the Admob Interstitial Fullscreen Ad & Push Notification Parse.
  • Universal App for iPhone/iPad.
  • No Programming Skills Required.
  • You can disable ads it with one click. Easy monetization.
  • Detailed documentation. Developer PDF guide to help you get started.
  • Supports iOS 6.1 and higher.
  • Fast Support.

Web2App iOS App Template

Updated 2.0 Version – for iOS9 and Xcode 7

  • All Image Files included.
  • Included two Versions with No Ads and with Ads (Admob) Versions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Optimized for iOS9
  • Added Toolbar: Back, Forward, Refresh Buttons

Download Web2App iOS App Template

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