Download Web2App iOS App Template Free

Download Free Web2App iOS App Template


Let’s ready to get Web2App iOS App Template iOS8/9 + Admob/NoAds & Push Notification and convert your Website in iOS App quickly with this. URL/HTML to iOS App + Admob Interstitial Ad & Push Notification Parse implemented. Now you can create your own App for iPod, iPhone & iPad with a few clicks. You have to just type your site URL in the AppCode & submit to the AppStore as you can see below.

You’ll not have any issues with submitting your app to the AppStore if your site supports the mobile view. iOS 9 Supported!. You use a mobile site as a basis and the Xcode script wraps your site URL into a real application. Easy to customize icons & images in this app. The app is ready to upload to the App Store. Doesn’t require any configuration also supports the Portrait and Landscape View.

Web2App iOS App Features:

  • Support all URLs and all kind of Websites.
  • Optimized for all current iOS-devices.
  • Easily set your URL which should be loaded.
  • HTML5 Audio/Video.
  • Splash-Screen + Icon supported.
  • Parse Push Notifications already implemented.
  • Multitasking supported.
  • Includes the Admob Interstitial Fullscreen Ad & Push Notification Parse.
  • Universal App for iPhone/iPad.
  • No Programming Skills Required.
  • You can disable ads it with one click. Easy monetization.
  • Detailed documentation. Developer PDF guide to help you get started.
  • Supports iOS 6.1 and higher.
  • Fast Support.

Web2App iOS App Template

Updated 2.0 Version – for iOS9 and Xcode 7

  • All Image Files included.
  • Included two Versions with No Ads and with Ads (Admob) Versions.
  • Easy to use.
  • Optimized for iOS9
  • Added Toolbar: Back, Forward, Refresh Buttons

Download Web2App iOS App Template

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