Download WhatsApp Desktop Messenger v0.2.4240 64bit Free

WhatsApp Desktop Messenger v0.2.4240 64bit Free

WhatsApp is the most commonly used messenger all over the world due to its quality features and performance wise. We offering you a totally independent desktop client version which can be easy to download and use and has all the features of the web version. With the app the messaging service reaches the desks of all users. A small revolution that allows the first messaging service to reach all its workstations, now over a billion.

Download WhatsApp Desktop Messenger v0.2.4240 64bit Free

Same like the web browser version, you need to sync this program with your cellphone with help of QR code, then after you will be able to from within Whatsapp on your Mobilephone. Simply tap the icon labeled whatsapp Web in the menu bar. After doing this all of your conversations, sessions and contacts will be sync and you will even get to interact with them from your PC without any distraction.

When managing the groups, sending and receiving messages you can use this camera which is integrated with your desktop to send videos, photos that you take. There is only limitation in this messenger, the one we just mentioned; you will need to have it installed and running on your Android or iOS in order to use it on your desktop.

Functions: Among the benefits of using PCs, unlike the web version, there are desktop notifications, access to your favorite shortcuts and the convenience of managing everything from your app without keeping the navigator open. The app is all about the same as that designed for mobile, with identical functions to handle contacts, send emoji and attach files to messages.

App Tech Info:
License: Free
Current Version: Whatapp Desktop v0.2.4240 (64bit)
Op. System: Windows
Requires Windows: XP and up
Category: Chat/IRC
Language: English (39 more)
Author: WhatsApp
File Size: 86.96MB

Download WhatsApp Desktop Messenger v0.2.4240 64bit Free

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