Download Wireless Key Generator for Windows

Download Wireless Key Generator for Windows is used to create random passwords for your WIFI(Wireless Connection).You can also save these passwords to the clipboard.

Download Wireless Key Generator For Windows

The application offers you the liberty to generate random passwords for different network connections, particularly WEP 128-bit (26 characters),WEP sixty four-bit (10 characters), WEP 256-bit (58 characters), WEP minimum (20 characters / 160-bit), WEP light (8 characters / sixty four-bit) and WPA maximum (63 characters / 506-bit).

If the mentioned alternatives don’t cool your desires you could without problems enter a user-defined quantity of characters and hit the “Generate” button for finding out the end result.

The password is discovered in the primary window, and you can Copy it to the clipboard for pasting facts into different 0.33-birthday celebration applications or export it to straightforward text record format.

On the downside, you can’t increase a list with more than one passwords that are generated at the equal time, so you are limited to operating with an unmarried result.

Key Features Of Wireless Key Generator for Windows:

  • Portable
  • Generate Random Passwords
  • Simple Interface
  • Supports Various Connections

So Wireless Generator is easy to use application with its simple interface.It can be used to increase the security of your Connection.

Download Wireless Key Generator for Windows

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