Download Wonder Web Ware SiteMap Generator

WonderWebWare SiteMap Generator is a software application that helps the user to generate a sitemap for the given URLs automatically then convert them to TXT, XML, CSV or HTML file format. The first launch of the software brought up a well-organized and user-friendly interface that attract the user.

The best sitemap generator available on the web today, I say, is a sitemap creator created by SiteMap. This program works great for making multiple sites, creating, editing and uploading to the web site. The best sitemap maker on the web, thank you very much, can even index all of your site, create, edit and upload new sites to the web site with no problem at all.

Now a good product on its own, as it does, this product has a great feature that will improve your site. This is an automatic indexing tool. What this does is automatically creates a sitemap and then indexes your site. This means, that when someone visits your site, all they have to do is enter in the address they are looking for and the program will automatically display the various pages on your site. This is what makes sitemaps so important, particularly when you have a lot of pages on your site that are not indexed.

Another great feature of the site map generator is that it also allows you to easily search your sitemaps. This allows you to easily find the pages that you are looking for, without having to go through the trouble of looking through the entire sitemap. Now this could be tedious, especially if you have a large number of pages, but it is possible to find the site by using a regular search engine. It will give you the same result that would be given by manually entering each page into the search box.

The SiteMap Generator also allows you to create a sitemap for any kind of website that has an index page. This includes blogs, ebooks, sales pages, etc. This means, that if you create a sitemap, then people will automatically be able to find your site on their own, when they are searching. This is another great feature and one that people really appreciate.

The last and final thing that the SiteMap Generator does, is that it also allows you to create a list of other pages that are located on your site. This means, that it allows you to find other pages that are not listed in your sitemap.

These are the main things that this product does, and it is amazing how useful it is. The fact that the user can easily do these things, without having to use any kind of computer programming language, is a wonderful addition to the package. When you have a large number of pages, it is possible to update and add more pages, make changes, add in pages that are not listed in the sitemap and more, without the need to actually know about programming languages or web design.

The main window displays multiple tabs that are named as configuration setting for exporting file like XML, TXT, CSV or HTML, list of failed URLs and list of external links that point to other websites. You can quickly switch from one tab to another and navigate all features easily.

If there is a problem while using the tool, you can contact to online help support that provides you the full path to resolve your problem. The program helps you to generate sitemaps by just providing details of the primary domain name.

WonderWebWare SiteMap Generator is the fastest utility you ever used for generating sitemaps because it extracts the links without being a resource hog. It may take hours if we talk about large websites. The program allows the user to pause the process to check the details about the number of pages that are scanned, current speed, how many pages are left to scan and how much time it takes more.

Download WonderWebWare SiteMap Generator