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Download WordPhire Free and start this awesome experiment in ethical spamming. WordPhire is basically an experiment to see if we can automatically add comments to the WordPress sites that actually add value to the site and will genuinely help out the site owner.


How does WordPhire work?

WordPhire works by utilizing the Twitter gushing API to tune in out for individuals/accounts that are tweeting about your specialty. When it finds a tweet about your specialty it will check the clients profile bio to check whether there is a connection to their site. On the off chance that there is a connection in the bio it will tail it to the site where it will get their most recent wordpress post and dissect the page to remove an entire scope of various data about the site so you can naturally develop a remarking that really offers esteem. See the remark underneath for a case.

Howdy Jamie,

I saw you tweeting about entertaining felines and I’d thought I’d returned out your site. Its cool I like it, the “Computerized Blue” topic you have is truly decent, Roboto is one of my most loved Google textual styles.

Decent occupation on the social catches individuals would love to share your stuff.

I see you’re not building a mailing show, you ought to do this, individuals would love to know when you distribute more stuff!

Another little indication, get Google investigation introduced its extraordinary! :- ) Anyways continue aming awesome stuff Jamie!

That is only a snappy little example of the energy of WordPhire, you wouldn’t think that is auto created OK? Likewise in light of the fact that you can look for custom HTML you’re not restrcited in the estimation of the remark you can post either. In the event that you are aware of a terrible module that is getting everybody hacked you can include a check for it and caution the site proprietor.

Why should I use WordPhire?

Because these comments will stick and you can post thousands per day, just imagine what that will do for your website traffic and brand awareness.


Download WordPhire Free

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