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Download WordPress Rebrandr Free

Get Free WordPress Rebrandr. WP Rebrandr Brand New Plugin Turns WordPress Into Your Very Own Branded Software Platform In Seconds! Supplant The WordPress Branding With Your OWN! With WordPress Rebrandr you can evacuate each and every part of WordPress marking from your WordPress dashboard. Change out the logos for your own, change the majority of the links for your own particular and that’s just the beginning. No more WordPress branding. It also changes the boring WordPress color theme, fully editable login screen and manage and control all user preferences + much more.

Available features

Rebrand WordPress

Create a unique and familiar experience for your client.

Login Logo

Change the WordPress logo on the login screen to be your company logo or the client’s logo.

New Dashboard

Create a complete dashboard. You have full control with the built-in WYSIWYG editor

Unique Admin Bar Message

The “Howdy, Morgan” default message is easily customized to be anything.

Suitable for Clients

The free version of White Label is suitable for clients who have the WordPress editor role or below. Editors will never see the White Label plugin or the plugin list.

Support Focused

Built-in admin support areas

Login Image Background

Select an image to use as the background on the WordPress login screen. You can also set a different color.

Dashboard Support Widget

Easily create admin support widgets on the dashboard. Add your FAQ, guides, and videos

Add a live chat or scripts

Simply drop in your live chat code or script in our box and it will run on every admin page for your client.

Change “Thank you for creating with WordPress”

Change the credit text at the bottom of the admin area for all pages.


Download WordPress Redbrandr Free