Download X-QuteCom for Windows

Download X-QuteCom for Windows is a SIP Client.X-QuteCom for Windows is used for reliable and efficient communication.X-QuteCom is the portable edition of QuteCom.


Download X-QuteCom for Windows

This instrument can be utilized for sound and video visits with other SIP customers and even call landlines by means of a SIP supplier.

QuteCom is an Open Source utility that enables you to address different clients of SIP consistent VoIP programming at no cost.

X-QuteCom is a portable app so it doesn’t need installation process to only need to click on a single executable file .one can keep this file even on a flash doesn’t make any changes to the registry files of the windows.

Main Features Of X-QuteCom for Windows:

  • Portable
  • used for communication
  • Chat With other SIP clients
  • doesn’t touch windows registry settings

So X-QuteCom for Windows is a user-friendly App which does not put any burden on the CPU or memory of the computer.It is a light weight app, it does not crash or hand and perform the operations smoothly.

Download X-QuteCom for Windows

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