Download X-Screamer Radio for Windows

Download X-Screamer Radio for Windows is an online radio player that plays audio data on the internet.X-Screamer Radio is the portable version Screamer Radio.

Download X-Screamer Radio for Windows

an Internet Radio Player, that will stream audio data to your system via your Internet connection. It does not pick up radio signals from local radio stations and you cannot use Screamer Radio to broadcast your own radio station.

You may, however, listen to your local radio stations if they support online radio streaming, most stations have a “listen now” button and that’s usually a dead giveaway.

Key Features X-Screamer Radio for Windows:

  • Online Radio
  • Stream audio
  • doesn’t pick signals from local radio
  • Portable

X-Screamer Radio is easy to use radio player, with which one can listen to music, news sports etc.X-Screamer Radio is a much-loved app by the music doesn’t put any strain on the performance of CPU and can be used easily by both the new users and the expert ones.

Download X-Screamer Radio for Windows

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