Download X-WengoPhone for Windows

Download X-WengoPhone for Windows is used to make voice calls or to do text messages with friends or family.X-WengoPhone is the portable edition of WengoPhone For Windows.

Download X-WengoPhone for Windows

WengoPhone is a helpful device that can be utilized for Internet communication, video conferencing, visiting, or sending an instant message.

Presently, you can call and talk with your companions from anyplace on the planet with the assistance of this basic utility.As it is the Portable version so it doesn’t need any kind of installation process.One can keep it anywhere on the hard disk where ever he wants.It is a single executable file.

Key Features Of X-WengoPhone for Windows:

  • Easy to use
  • light weight
  • video call
  • text messages
  • portable

So X-WengoPhone for Windows is easy to use can also be used by the naive users is such a nice app that doesn’t hang or crash.

Download X-WengoPhone for Windows

[downloads url=”” size=”15.97MB” ]