Facebook Hot Content Seeker Plugin

Here we are going to share a great WordPress plugin which you can use for the Facebook hot content finder.  As we know that Facebook marketing is one of the excellent ways to attract traffic & at the same time to increase your authority in your related niche through its viral function system. Searching viral content on Facebook is basically a difficult and time-consuming task. Search on FB reveals pages & different groups dedicated to your topic, but not specific postsFacebook Hot Content Seeker Plugin. Not only that, but there is no possibility to search by the most popular posts.



Facebook Hot Content Seeker Plugin Features:

  • Search Fb pages & groups.
  • Find and share the content from within your WP dashboard.
  • Find only the hottest viral content.
  • Search different posts, albums & even video.
  • Create pages and posts in WordPress from the content that is being shared on Fb.
  • Search in all niches.
  • You can grow your list of followers & fans with the help of this plugin.

Download Facebook Hot Content Seeker Plugin