Facebook Live Reactions Vote Script Free

Facebook Live Reactions Vote Script Free Download

You can Download Facebook Live Reactions Vote Script Free from our website. This method is very famous day by day nearly every popular fan page run live reaction stream and get the response from followers. Users are also like this Facebook update. With the help of this method, you quickly engage your fans and increase your fan following. Facebook Live Reactions Vote is the latest update from Facebook, and most of the people or fan page owners are not know how they do live reaction vote. We give you a little idea about this Live reaction. Behind this, a HTML and CSS coding work. This method is also like live video from your PC but in this some steps are more. But with the help of this Script, you no need to develop any HTML page for your live reaction. With the help of this Script you just need to change some text and script is ready to use and get real time Reactions on your LIVE video.

Download Facebook Live Reactions Vote Script Free

Key Features:

  • This is very easy to use and easy to customize.
  • Its helo you to Increase the fans of your Page.
  • It also help’s you to boost the user’s interactions with your Page.
  • With the help of Facebook Live Reactions Vote Script, you can live any reaction video.
  • It is the fastest way to increase your fan following.
  • This Script Works with all PHP and HTML versions.
  • In this Scrip no use any database server.

Steps: 1

  1. Open file facebook-live-reactions-vote/HTML/3column.html OR facebook-live-reactions-vote/HTML/3column.html
  2. Get token Facebook:
  3. Enter token “3column.html” line 16

Step: 2

  1. Intall OBS
  2. Select File > Setting > Stream > Service > Facebook Live
  3. Enter Stream key

Step: 3

  1. Apply and OK
  2. Click + > BrowerSource > Creat New
  3. Select html file
  4. Stat Stream and publish stream facbook
  5. Open file facebook-live-reactions-vote/PHP/config.php
  6. Endter token and facbook post ID


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