Download Fortnite Battle Royal APK

The number one battle royale game has finally come to mobile phones. The name of the game is Fortnite Battle Royale. Since its launch in the Appstore and play store, a lot of people are already playing this game. If you want to download Fortnite Battle Royale, then continue reading below.

Fortnite Battle Royal APK

Fortnite Battle Royal APK Application Specifications

Before you download Fortnite Battle Royale APK, you should first take a look at its specifications. This should help you determine if your device is capable of running the app. The following are the specs:

  • Application Name: Fortnite Battle Royale
  • Total Size: 139.3 MB
  • Version Series: 6.02
  • Minimum Android Version Required: Android 5.0 and up
  • Last Update: October 15, 2018

Fortnite Battle Royal APK Useful and Most Recent Features

The following are the amazing and most useful features of the Fortnite Battle Royale APK:

  • In this game, you can shape up the battlefield and build your own cover.
  • You can board the battle bus and drop into your favorite zone.
  • You can gather resources, battle your opponents, and collect gear.
  • You have to battle against other players. Last man standing wins.
  • You can team up with your friends or battle against other players all across the globe.
  • Updates are there every week so that you get to enjoy new features in the game.

Download and Install Fortnite Battle Royal APK

To download and install Fortnite Battle Royale APK, follow these 3 simple and easy-to-follow steps:

  1. Download the Fortnite Battle Royale APK from this website.
  2. Install the APK in your gadget.
  3. Open the app and then enjoy


The Fortnite Battle Royale APK is indeed an amazing game to play. There are just so much things that you can do in this epic survival game. So what are you waiting for? You should now download Fortnite Battle Royale APK.