Google Mobile Penalty Protect & Repair

Download Complete Video Tutorial On How Google Mobile Penalty Work & Protect & Repair. From April 21 2015 Google is penalizing non-mobile friendly web pages. Although there is already a ranking factor related to mobile friendliness of sites it’s impact seems to have been relatively small. Mobile searches have now overtaken desktop searches and continue to rise dramatically so this means you need to have your web pages showing in the mobile search results or you are seriously losing customers and money.

Google Mobile Penalty Protect & Repair

How do Google look at and penalize non-mobile friendly pages

Firstly and importantly it is important to understand that these penalties are made at a page level not a site level. So individual pages can be penalized. This mean you need to look at every page of your site to check it is mobile friendly.

Google Warning Messages

If you do have your sites registered with Google Webmaster Tools then you will almost certainly start to get emails from Google if there are any issues found. Like this… For those of you who want to know more about web page fundamentals you should checkout

What Is A Mobile Friendly Site?

In short it is a web site (or web pages) that display well on mobile devices like tablets and mobile phones Some tablets can happily display web pages just as well as if they were displayed on desktops. This is basically related directly to screen size in most cases as tablets are generally larger than phones. Make your site mobile friendly by using a responsive theme or or having a mobile specific website only for mobile visitors.


Google Mobile Penalty Work & Protect & Repair