Google Monitor Tool

SEO tool for identifying the position of a Website on the defined keyword. Google Monitor is SEO utility that is used to check the position of your website in a search engine only including Google for any defined keyword. A software with a straightforward Graphical user interface helps allot for a novice user. You can easily figure out about all the features of Google Monitor in a few seconds and can operate it conveniently. For the use of the tool, you have to define the URLs as well as the keywords you want to track back for each website that is configured. The specialty of the tool is that you can also add notes to the URL and specify the results you want to be shown in the main window.

The results are defined in the main two panels, one panel displays the defined keyword, data, best and current position. The second panel displays the Google results and check the position of the configured website.

The latest version of the tool is Google Monitor The best thing about the tool is that it works on Google exclusively. It works with 50 international data centers that is claimed by the developers of this tool.

Google Monitor

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