Google Search Box

Free tool for searching directly from the desktop available to Download. Google Search Box is a tool that enables you to search various content directly from the desktop by just typing the query in the main window of the program. The tool requires internet connection and a web browser for working. The features of the program can be easily navigated by a novice user because of user-friendly interface. The program can easily install on any type of computer without any kind of malwares. The program does not allow any kind of customization because of its simplicity and it’s also do not offer help documentation. If you want to search quickly from desktop without open a browser so you can rely on this tool for online content search on Google.

Google Search Box utility can be used as you can type any keyword in the dedicated field and click the button either “I’m Feeling Lucky” or “Google Search”. You can also access many websites locations in a convenient way.

The latest version Google Search Box 0.9 consist of all the features describe above and you can download it from any website totally free. Get your content as fast as possible just from your desktop.

Google Search Box

Download Google Search Box Tool For Free

[downloads url=”!–esidesktop&pguid=669da7ed1ac7cc59afbea410&viewguid=tYUIYXwgDaIrIfV9mFAaSaRrVZ1lRBTsB8n-&destUrl=https3A2F2Ffiles.downloadnow.com2Fs2Fsoftware2F142F482F762F862FGoogle2520Search2520Box.exe3Ftoken3D1532550437_0adfa78e7b8c0c48b9b585cef56a501d26fileName3DGoogle2520Search2520Box.exe” Size=”3.2 MB”]