Download HE – Hardware Read & Write Portable

Now you can inspect the lower layers of your system hardware which include PCI, I/O, Super I/O, Clock, EC, USB, etc. As the name is showing HE-Hardware Read & Write Portable, it is a light application program that enables you to inspect the technical aspects of your system Hardware configuration. Although to uncover such information requires expert handling, it is specially designed for those users who want to upgrade their machines.

Download HE - Hardware Read & Write Portable

  • No more Setup!

The best thing about this portable read and write hardware application is you don’t need to install it on a machine. You can drag drop program files in any part of the disk and click on executable. Other than that, you can save it on a USB drive and run on PC.

  • User-friendly Interface!

It offers a very user-friendly interface to users to use it at its maximum. You can have split windows to examine the working of the software. For example, you can check the details of USB, Super I/O, Memory, BIOS, ACPI EC space, Physical storage, System Processor, etc.

  • Get reports and details!

This program allows you to refresh any page and export the summary of data and save in text document. Moreover, it has a low impact on system performance due to low RAM and CPU usage.

So, HE-Hardware Read & Write Portable is what you need if you want to examine the hardware configuration.