Hitap Keyboard Mini and Free APK File

Get Hitap Keyboard Mini and Free APK File. Hitap is a small, smart, fun and fast keyboard with fully improve typing experience. It made typing easy no longer boring, feeling the unprecedented input mode from the visual, auditory and tactile and each time the key is a pleasure. it is the only 5M, minimizing space occupation besides, with the fastest operation efficiency, no waiting nor tardiness is required any longer. Completely change the old-fashioned stiff key interface, numerous features and skin are free to choose and even design your own favorite skin. A variety of keyboard themes are free for your downloading and using. The themes accompanying sounds, special effects, and exclusive typefaces will difference each time of your typewriting.

It is actually your full-time adjutant, who is able to memorize your habits and your characters or even rectify your errors.shortcut input is available. By inputting one letter, the word you needed will be provided thus accelerating your typewriting speed. Select and upload one of your favorite pictures and it will turn into the skin of your IME, so that your snapshot, your idol, your lover, your family, etc. are there for you at all time.

Hitap emoji keyboard is the first musical keyboard of the world. You could typing keyboard like play the piano. Hitap keyboard makes intup more interesting.

keyboard Functions:
☆ Themed skins of various styles:
Typing with these keyboard themes are all free and input style can replace once every day at your will.
☆ Customized style by DIY:
You can select your beloved pictures, scenes or cartoons, together with your favorite colors to customize your IME keyboard skin!
☆ Free emoji expressions:
All emoji expressions in keyboard which you typing are provided for free, and these are almost the same as that you input !
☆ Multiple languages available:
Hitap keyboard is now supported for more than 80 languages and is consistently updated.No matter where you can type with Hitap keyboard, and Hitap keyboard make input easier!
☆ Sharing and happiness:
When you typing with Hitap Keyboard you can create your own themed skins and share them with your friends at any time, your input style will win their appreciation and cheering!

Download Hitap Keyboard Mini and Free APK File