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Holy SEO Website Traffic Generator

A Free Traffic Generator tool for your website. Holy SEO Website Traffic Generator is a software that helps you to increase your website traffic by creating your own visits through number of worldwide proxies. It is a simple and easy way to generate traffic in just one click. The tool is designed with intuitive interface, the user can easily navigate the features and can be use it in friendly atmosphere. The main window allows the user to input the URL in a proper way and it requires the user to enter a keyword that can be used to contrast it to the authentic and close to intruder proxies. The program take time while processing results and allow the computer cool down before starting the next work. The main window displays the information about the RAM and CUP usage. The one thing about the tool that make it efficient is that no other program will work along with it.

Some of the proxies will be display on your screen for very short time that helps you to increase the traffic on your website. The program also displays two charts that show the graphical and numerical data about the operation processing.

Holy SEO Website Traffic Generator

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