James Patterson Women’s Murder Club

Investigate with the South Carolina military persons to find out the criminal. This is going to be a fun-loving and logical game.

 James Patterson Women’s Murder Club:  Ocean of games include the Darker shade of grey is a game which involves mind logic, so if you are a player having a detective mind then this game will be best for you.


The game mission is to investigate the criminal who is involved in the murder of the famed women. The player, being an investigator or the detector has to inquire into the case with the help of the clues present at the crime scene. The investigator will work with the military persons of South Carolina to capture the criminal.


James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: Dark shade of grey game is a logical game. The player has to serve the energy to capture the criminal, and for that purpose, he needs to use the detective skills as well. This game is best for those who want to be a detective in the future.  So what you are waiting for?


Download Free full version of James Patterson Women’s Murder Club: a Darker shade of grey on your PC and improve your detective skills.

James Patterson Women’s Murder Club 2: A Darker Shade of Grey Download Free PC Game

Players will appear in an intense crime scene and their goal is to assist the famed heroines of Women’s Murder Club as they uncover years of corruption, cover-up and conspiracy within a prestigious Military Academy in South Carolina. Use your logic and detective skills to solve bloody murder and crimes. Stop this horror things together with your helpers.

Features of Game:

  • The great graphics make the game looks authentic.
  • The forensic technology used for evidence collection and authentication.


Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 CPU: 1Ghz RAM: 128MB

Suggested Age