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Here, you can Download Ludo Star MOD APK Free of cost. This game is released early last month and popular in some days all over the world. Ludo STAR MOD For Mobile this game is only available for Android Mobiles but we hope Ludo start Soon launched for iPhone and Windows Phone.

Ludo Star is a new Ludo game which is free to play and can be played between friends and family. It is the best game to share the great interests and childhood memories with your friends. Show us if you can master this game. A perfect Ludo Board Game that was loved by Mughals, Mahabharat ‘s King and many old king of India and world.

The game chooses the winner. Strategies don’t work well. It doesn’t even matter how badly the opponent team plays, they’ll win. The algorithm of the game is I don’t know, biased? I’m not sure why but the few times I’ve won was when I was partly on auto. Plus, the opponents can be really rude and sometimes even racist. I’m aware of the mute option but it’d be nice if there were moderators to screen some conversations. On the positive side, I love the game design and arrow mode!

The game includes four players red, blue, green, yellow. Is your friend’s king of Ludo? Bring them all! Indian emperors used to play this game once.

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Ludo Star MOD APK


Ludo Star MOD Classic Features are:

  • Login with Facebook and invite friends to play with you
  • Play with random player in 2 or 4 player matches
  • Play different variations Classic, Master or Quick
  • Play with your favorite rules like