MenuApp Windows Software Available Free

Menu App is the convenient tool that allow users to access more frequently used applications and files in a quick and faster way. Itself, it is not an application because it works differently depending on which folder you save it to. When you copy the file from the My Documents Folder, the menuApp display a floating menu by double click on it. It is not an easy to configure launcher in the world, but if you looking for a quick, straightforward application that access your favorite programs, menuApp does the trick.

-Can point to any folder
-Very light on resources
-Not easy to configure

App info:
License: Free
OS: Windows 98
Language: English
Version: 1.04
File Size: 32.02 kB

File Format: .zip
Developer: Desktopapps
Category: Software utilities Task Bar, Start Menu & Explorer Program Launch Toolbars

Download menuApp Windows Software Available Free

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