New Clash of Clans Night Village Builder Barracks

The Clash of Clans has added a major overhaul to its gameplay. Not only did it add new defensive units or offensive troops but it introduced a whole new village. This is the night village, with its all-new buildings, troops, and resources. You can utilize your night village to gain access to more powerful units that you can use to win enemy raids and provide good defenses to your own bases. But the addition of the night village does not mean that you cannot use the clash of clans apk anymore. In fact, you can even utilize the apk to be able to exploit the game much more so. This article will teach you exactly how to do that.

But to begin, let us first discuss the aspects of the night village in the clash of clans game. Then for each aspect, we will be discussing how you can implement the clash of clans hack apk to gain an advantage in playing the game.

The Builder Barracks

The builder barracks train troops for versus battles. But unlike the standard barracks edition in the day village, this builder barracks requires no resource to be able to train troops. You only have to wait for the time until the troops are finished training for you to use them. However, note that you can only use the builder barracks once you have upgraded to builder hall level 2. All troops trained in the builder barracks will be stored in your army camps.

Also, there can only be one builder barracks in your night village. This means that if you upgrade your only builder barracks, you cannot train troops in it until it is finished upgrading. Though you can remedy this by using gems to instantly finish the upgrade. This is where the clash of clans hack apk comes into play. You can use the hack to increase your number of gems so that you will be able to instantly finish the upgrades and start training troops immediately afterward.

The Builder Barracks Troops

The builder barracks troops are similar to the standard barracks troops that make use of elixirs to be trained. But this time, troops in the builder barracks possess special abilities that prove to be useful in battles. Below are the troops that you can train in the builder barracks.

  1. Raged Barbarian – the raged barbarian wields a sword and uses it to attack nearby buildings or enemy troops. At level 2, he has the ability to perform raged attacks, which increases attack defense for a short amount of time after activation. The raged barbarian can be used at builder barracks level 1.
  2. Sneaky Archer – the sneaky archer wields a bow and arrows that it uses to attack nearby enemy troops or buildings. At level 2, she has the ability to perform cloak, which allows her to become invisible to attacks for a short period of time after activation. The sneaky archers can be trained at builder barracks level 2.
  3. Boxer Giant – the boxer giants are large humanoid creatures who specialize in attacking enemy defenses. At level 2, they have the ability to perform a power punch, which increases the power of the first punch they perform right after activation. The boxer giants can be unlocked once the builder barracks has been upgraded to level 3.
  4. Beta Minion – the beta minion attacks any enemy troops or buildings near it. At level 2, it has the ability to perform long shots, which allows is to damage any enemy entity within a 7-tile radius. The beta minion is unlocked when the builder barracks is upgraded to level 4.
  5. Bomber – the bomber corresponds to the wall breaker in the standard day village. This troop bombs enemy walls more than one times. Its ability called big bomb can be used when it attains level 2. The bomber can be unlocked at the builder barracks once it becomes level 5.
  6. Baby Dragon – the baby dragon is a troop unlocked at builder barracks level 6. The baby dragon is able to attack both air and ground units. Its attack is a splash damage similar to that of the wizard. When no other air troops are within its 4.5 tiles radius, it becomes enraged which means that its speed and attacking power are greater. The rage halts when an enemy becomes near it.
  7. Cannon cart – the cannon cart is like the moving cannon of the standard village. It attacks enemy troops or buildings near it. Upon attaining level 2, its ability called last stand can be used. This ability allows the cannon cart perform continuous attacks even after the depletion of health. The shooting range is also improved during the activation of this ability. The cannon cart can be used once the builder barracks has been upgraded to level 7.
  8. Night Witch – the night witch can be trained when the builder barracks has been upgraded to level 8. The witch spawns bats that acts like air troops to attack nearby enemy buildings or enemy troops. Its ability called Bat Swarm can be unlocked at level 4. This ability allows her to explode into a swarm of bats after her health gets depleted.
  9. Drop Ship – the drop ship is a builder barracks troop that can be unlocked once this barracks has reached level 9. The drop ship acts like an air troop but drops skeletons that will attack enemy bases. At level 2, its ability called Skeleton Burst can be unlocked. This ability allows the drop ship to explode and deal massive damage to the surrounding area where it explodes and it also drops skeletons that will attack afterwards.
  10. Super P.E.K.K.A. – the Super P.E.K.K.A. is unlocked at builder barracks level 10. It is very powerful and deals massive damage to enemy troops surrounding it. It has the overcharge ability that allows it to explode and deal massive damage to surrounding area after its health gets depleted.

Using the Clash of Clans Hack APK

As mentioned above, although you can always train troops in the builder barracks, you cannot do so while it is upgrading. A way around this is to use the clash of clans hack apk to be able to have gems that you can use to instantly finish the upgrades. In addition, you cannot unlock higher levels of the builder barracks if your builder hall is not upgraded. Likewise, you can use gems to upgrade the builder hall instantly. And with that, the clash of clans hack apk allows you to be a powerful clash of clans player with the night village being taken into account.