Q4Search Info Gathering Tool

Free download a tool for gathering info on the clipboard. Q4Search is a software application that is used to help the user to look at the information in an easy way from desired search engines. The user is enables to view the results in clipboard by using this software. You can pin it to the task bar and use it whenever you want to use. You can use it by just following few steps. The main window consists on a search bar, you can enter the keywords you want and select the search engines like Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Wikipedia, Google Translate or eBay. The program does not use you default browser for results but used its own smart browser. The features are easily to be navigating by the user because of user-friendly interface. The user can change the depth of the page but one thing is bad about it that it has no history to look up at the searched items, no bookmark option and no option for set favorite’s sites.

The latest version is Q4Search with upgraded features and available free to download from anywhere. The program helps the user to hack information through short keywords from various types of search engines.


Download Q4Search Info Gathering Tool Free

[downloads url=”http://www.cehoronek-taca.com/jAGao+2RlPcp6cONVgxDxJ7D9RWGbKYZQy8dSO61h6eQN83K38+jYRLpMpLbOD9XbmGJ59c+HF8TBE3TzUo0r63GWQpQMrcY2dLGaCsP_Odnb2Wr5HwE80QmKgNaL7GBCUmdIyreNTMOfD81ETVuEEYq4hXVykkLY5RBsBR0S5uzwGwb49z7cPj8n4UMWahi28ir_vcLCq4CHB1mvKSDcqNAltX3QcYY_vn1+grQjDx4ldsHIZkGQR+sgtzksyDmV09VGWVuT_gANXO3qRlaYv8YAesgEepJxx1TYeR8bi7ts7GXhzGmI0bYit3hgWH_X3FYWuYUs_Qf9RJCuvM8e2dZTvDi0buuGJCrWbKL3kY0NOgaRJ9d0ezvcIxMDH5hIIFequnjA8KN7IPojBOJtzSU2m3q7xzAR0cS3mtHY_8cJiQEVu3DbOH+sIQdhUH3CyccSgKcQDeSr1RD9FlsTemUcbJFP69SxD4XNhTVUxL0C2g1RAyF6fq3b+4Y1bpAv9SHFgVB-G08AAGRgu_d69qMnANiAA5eI4mxAO7Pts7_vfQn4hYZ13eq5qDiED8J5Qs3fyNctjvmNmkjZsIHXacW0TKDeOB_QiCiJYzSL4AQB” Size=”2.4 MB”]