Quick Backlinks Tools

Download Quick backlinks tool is used to get backlinks that help to index our website.’Quick backlinks’ is really simple and easy to use.

Key Features Of Quick backlinks:

  • Easy to use
  • uses multi-threading
  • Easily add new auto backlink pages to list
  • Export successful created web pages to ping

New In this Version Of Quick Backlinks:

  • Bug fixes
  • the automatic update feature
  • automatic update check
  • Modified to avoid errors
  • enhancements to the GUI

How to use Quick Backlinks: 

  • Choose the backlinks list file
  • Enter the Websites URL
  • Select Thread Numbers
  • Click Start
  • Click Save Success to save the list of backlinks created

So Quick backlinks are easy to software that creates quality backlinks that improve the rankings of your site.

Download Quick backlinks Tool