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Download Free Video Course On How To Get Reddit Traffic. Part 1: What Reddit Really is.Part 2: Reddit Case Studies. Part 3: Finding Your Ideal Sub reddits. Part 4: Reddit Content Blueprint. Part 5: Reddit Post Success Formula. Bonus 1: Evil Reddit Tricks. Bonus 2: Evil Reddit Tools.

I Get a Ton of Traffic From Reddit I am always learning and don’t claim to be the best in the world at Reddit. I am going to give you insights into what I do and what other extremely smart business owners do. I won’t leave the Immersion call until I answer every question you have.

Reddit Traffic Course


Reddit Post Success Formula Prepping to Post Load the Guns Before I Post I want to Make Sure I have a way to get people that are Already on my side to the post. You should have these things ready to link to your Reddit Post:  Facebook Wall Post  Twi6er Post  Facebook Group Posting  Email List Blast. Friends and Family. Getting Folks that already like you over to the Reddit Post is a good thing because it stacks the deck in your favor and shows Reddit that something is going on with the post.


The Secret is to allow them to make themselves look like an ass without making you look like an ass. Someone to answering haters. Always keep you cool Never Attack a Hater’s Character Be honest about your post Don’t be afraid to offer an answer that says I don’t know Praise a comment if it stumps you and let them know what you’ll do to find out (thank them for helping you fill a gap). Be HUMBLE BE HUMBLE Be HUMBLE.  Let other comments take care of haters. (a true hater always self destructs when they find out they can’t get under someone’s skin and ends up just making themselves look bad.)

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