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About Samco Trader Software

Samco Trader is one of the best trading software for Windows OS. Produced by SAMCO Securities Limited, the application provides a trading platform equipped with all the latest features and facilities to help you skyrocket your trading business and make potential Profits.

Choosing the right trading software is the most important decision of a trader. Samco Trader Software provides investors and traders with all the beneficial information for making successful trading decisions and developing effective trading strategies.


With the usage of this software, you are able to open positions of almost any quantity in units of the traded asset, use different charts and technical analysis programs for predicting the current market and developing strategies.

The exclusive benefit of this software would be the opportunity to create an unlimited number of fiscal instruments through the GeWorko Method, allowing creating investment portfolios and create individual trading strategies.

Traders can also get the price history of the created financial instruments reaching around 40 years, produce professional advisors with the help of programming language NTL+. This trading software has a convenient and easy-to-use interface.

The benefits of Samco Trading Software aren’t limited by the above mentioned. When you download this trading application and start trading, you will see yourself the versatility of the application.

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Samco Trader Software Download



Operating System:

Windows XP/Visa/7/8/10

Version: (2019/2020 Version)