Simple Rank Checker

Download Simple Rank Checker and view graphs of your sites rankings & check that how it moved over weeks and months. Install, add keywords than just leave it running for 100 free SE (search engine) ranking reporting.

Simple Rank Checker

What is Simple Rank Checker?

Its a free SEO rank (serp) checking apparatus, and when we say free we mean its is a 100 free and full (no trail and so forth). This desktop application will sit in foundation checking the web index position (ranks/serps) of every one of your watchwords on both Bing and Google. You can enter your watchwords and website(s) and it will check each day or you can run manual updates at whatever point you include new catchphrases or think there may be some development in your rankings. See the day by day changes for every watchword, see every catchphrase contrasted with a week or month back and see every catchphrase outwardly with charts. You can import arrangements of watchwords and fare ranking outcomes.

How does it work?

Simple Rank Checker fires HTTP asks for at the two most famous web indexes (Google and Bing) at that point checks to comes about for each entered watchword to see where you site ranks for the pursuit term(s). This is then put away and consequently checked the following day or when you run a manual refresh.

Why should I use it?

Knowing if your website is going up the search engine results or down can make or break your business. This 100 free tool can tell you if all your hard SEO work is paying off.


Download Simple Rank Checker

[downloads url=”!–esidesktop&pguid=4af30e7c4a00a9a4bf08935d&viewguid=tMsympy3fCGMl47EZcvfbUqD5JsO1SRT00gf&destUrl=https3A2F2Ffiles.downloadnow.com2Fs2Fsoftware2F122F322F282F942Frankcheck_setup.exe3Ftoken3D1531789256_caf94ddc93f9f17406feb9583290427826fileName3Drankcheck_setup.exe” Size=”01 MB”]