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Tell Me About Application

Tell Me About is really exact your desired information provider tool. You search on different search engines and get your desired result but with your desired information you also get many fake contents. So, if you think these search engines are not reliable you can try an amazing application like Tell me About.

Tell Me About is a window store application; you can only install it on your device with any additional configuration. The use of the application is simple and a novice person can easily use this tool without hesitation because of its user-friendly interface with a number of utility features. You can set the default language to get a result in your mother tongue. You can select the number of the item to be fetched with data providers. The application let you perform multiple searches by using multiple providers such as Wikipedia, Twitter, SlideShare or YouTube etc. you just need to put your favorite subject in the dedicated field and click on the search button, the result will be automatically displayed on your main window.

In short, we can say that Tell Me About is a tool that provides you information about your favorite subject by using multiple providers. The latest version of Tell Me About is

Tell Me About Application

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