Web Skills To Make Money

Secrets of a Successful Online Course Creator and Other Income Strategies that Really Work.  The best way to promote your live training is to notify your existing customers. These are the people who already paid for some of your products even if it was just $1. How much they paid doesn’t matter as long as they paid something.

One more note about marketing—you can partner with a newsletter or some local organization that has an existing list in your niche. The easiest way to incentivize a partner is to use an affiliate link from Eventbrite. I partnered with Startup Monthly and got good results.

They blasted the link to their members who reside in the Bay Area. After you sell a few tickets to your events, you can focus on slides and other material, because now you have the confidence that people need your event.

The downside of the live in-person training is that you can only invite so many people. It’s good if you live in a big metropolitan area such as the Bay Area, New York, or Chicago, because most people won’t consider flying for the training. I had a few exceptions with the Node Program. People flew from Florida, Australia, and Washington D.C., but those were exceptions. If you want to expand your reach, you have to broadcast the training online.