Website Finder Desktop Tool

Download Website Finder Desktop Tool Free. Website Finder is totally a free & full desktop application for searching for sites by your established criteria such as HTTP codes, HTML, CMS type & much much more.

Website Finder Desktop Tool

What criteria is available?

  • HTML – does the website(s) contain certain HTML
  • HTTP codes – does server restore a particular sort of HTTP code e.g a 404 HTTP blunder cod
  • HTTP blunder code sort – does the website(s) restore a specific mistake code sort, eg disappointment, not permitted, divert
  • Sites that have Google examination introduced – does the website(s) have the Google Analytics javascript on its landing page
  • Sites where meta information contains particular content – does the landing page title, watchwords, and portrayal contain particular content
  • Sites where title tag contains particular content
  • Sites where title tag is absent
  • Sites that are utilizing WordPress
  • Sites that are utilizing Joomla
  • Sites that are utilizing Magento
  • Sites where area contains particular content
  • Sites where URL contains particular content
  • Sites that are connecting to particular outbound areas
  • Sites where page stack time is over X measure of seconds
  • Sites where the HTTP responce header contains particular content – e.g. Apache 2.1/PHP 4.3

How does this software work?

Website Finder has three methods of finding websites matching your criteria.

Crawl a list of websites for matching criteria

In the event that you have a rundown of sites that you might want to check basically glue them in and Website Finder will check the landing page of every one for your set criteria.

Crawl search results by niche related keywords for matching websites/criteria

Enter a rundown of specialty related watchwords and Webiste Finder will scan Google for all these specialty related catchphrases and check each outcome (site) for your set criteria. There are two fundamental choices with this inquiry, the criteria check can be connected to the outcome (URL) Google returns or the landing page of the outcome that is returned.

Endless crawl for matching websites

Enter your seed rundown of sites to begin slithering from and Website Finder will watch that inital seed website(s) for your criteria yet then additionally creep a predetermined measure of URLs on that site (30 of course) extricating every single outbound connection and afterward slithering these outbound sites. This procedure is rehashed perpetually. Site Finder will simply continue slithering from site to site verifying whether they coordinate your set criteria.

Why should I use this tool?

Rundown of conceivable uses are yet not constrained to…

Discover sites with obsolete modules to market to

Find ease back sites to offer speedier facilitating to

Discover sites with security issues to offer security fixing administrations to

Discover sites to pitch subjects to, e.g utilize the Google look alternative to discover all canine related sites running WordPress and offer them pooch related WordPress topics


Download Website Finder Desktop Tool Free