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Download WinLock Professional 5.0 Free

WinLock Professional 5.0 Free Download A windows user security program which helps to secure your system to connect through our resources or systems through any connection type.  This is the most advanced security system for any desktop which allows you to set multiple preferences as you can set multiple security ...

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Download UltaSurf For Windows Free

UltaSurf For Windows Free Download An internet security provider tool which gives complete internet protection to user for their privacy and identification as it uses a complete secure server to make your run free on internet.  UltraSurf was firstly created for the people of Chine to securely surf internet but ...

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Download Wise Folder Hider Software Free

Wise Folder Hider Software

Get Wise Folder Hider 3.31 Software Free. This is a security software specially design for folders and files. You can easily hide your files and folders on local partitions or removable devices. The main advantage is that the data cannot be accessed by other programs or any other operating system ...

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Download SQL Power Injector 1.2

SQL Power Injector 1.2 Download The SQL Power Injector is a tool for testing the security of webpages and database system by putting a malicious app trying to penetrate the security of your webpage or database system.  Basically by this action of software your SQL scripts are being tested for ...

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Download K9 Web Protection

K9 Web Protection Downlaod A new type of internet security program which can block any specific category or content for the internet or block a complete website instead.  The tool will also work as an internet security program and gives child protection, as the children’s are un-aware of downloading any ...

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Download AOL Security Suite

AOL Security Suite Download This is specific tool for AOL applications which work as a client containing a variety of tool to be used within your AOL applications.  This suite features you to Access the America Online Services within your computer. Features: The program contains built in Internet Browser, Email ...

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Download Easy Copywriter Software

Get Easy Copywriter Software. This software is very simple and easy to use but make sure you exact everything out of the zip file the copywriter.exe and include folder. You have to double click of this copywriter.exe program. Once the program will open, just select from the dropdown menu for ...

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Download SiteKiosk 9.4 Build

SiteKiosk 9.4 Build Download A simple management program for public accessed computers from which you can select websites, programs and folders are accessed to the user and which function and accesses are blocked.  Public computer needs security and protection and the basic purpose of SiteKiosk is to provide a complete management ...

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