WordPress Scraper Commenter – Scrapebox alternative

 Wordpress Scraper Commenter (scrapebox alternative) is the ultimate solution for your WordPress comment posting section.It can scrap WordPress blogs for any specified keyword, check websites for non approved and approved posts.It automatically approves the comments.

Wordpress Scraper Commenter


Key Features Of Wordpress Scraper Commenter Software Free:

  • Allows Multithreading.
  • Easy to use.
  • Can Scrap WordPress Blogs From Bing and Yahoo.
  • Can Scrap WordPress Blogs From Local Google and Google.
  • WordPress Comment Poster
  • Comment Approval Tester

How to Use Scrapper:

  • Copy or import list of keywords
  • Select search engine to use
  • Set custom WordPress footprint if you want
  • Set proxies through the tab
  • Click on Start Scraping
  • when the scraping process will end the start scrap button will be converted again to “start scrap.

Comment Poster:

  • Load the text files which contains the list of blogs to post to, name files, website files, an email file and comment file.
  • select the thread numbers
  • set proxies if you want to from proxies tab
  • click start posting(the button will be converted to stop posting)
  • when the process gets finished the stop button will again be converted to start posting.
  • Save the URLs list by clicking on approval list save button.

Check For Approval:

  • load up the text file of URLs list we want to test
  • click the start button
  • save non-approved button can be used to save non-approved posts and save approved button can be used to save approved posts.



Download WordPress Scraper Commenter Software Free

[downloads url=”https://ghwdownload.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/11/Wordpress-Scraper-Commenter-Scrapebox-alternative.zip” size=”31KB” ]