World of Warcraft Beginner Tips

World of Warcraft is an MMO that is heavily tailored towards the end-game. Unfortunately, there is often little reason to do early or mid-game level content outside of Transmog items or rare pets and mounts. For beginners, this means that learning the class through the leveling process is the only important factor throughout most of the early hours spent in the game.

For complete beginners that only recently bought the game and all of its expansions, Blizzard grant a free Boost Token that brings a character to nearly max level. Using this token freely is not recommended as another token of this type will cost 60 dollars or euros. For beginners, playing around with class trials, talent specializations and general gameplay of WoW classes will be a much better use of time for their first few hours. Once a class that suits the desired playstyle is found the Boost Token can be used.World of Warcraft Beginner Tips

World of Warcraft has a large gap between PvE and PvP content. Even the equipment differs massively in the end-game between these types of content. Almost all players, though, will have to find some way to farm WoW gold for their WoW account. World of Warcraft has slightly reduced the efficiency of trading as the very best gear in the game is Bind on Pickup which means it cannot be traded after being picked up. Even with this restriction, WoW gold plays a large part in the game through consumables, socketed items and some Quality of Life items. Farming WoW gold is usually done by leveling professions.

Professions are very important to pick up whenever available at the later stages of the game. Most gathering professions are the bread and butter WoW gold farming method. Since professions like Engineering, Alchemy require materials gathered from Herbalism, Mining, and Skinning, players will be willing to pay exorbitant amounts of WoW gold through the Auction House to level their professions.

World of Warcraft has three types of currency – copper, silver, and gold. WoW, gold is the most important type of currency as most items are sold and bought for gold while copper and silver are very rarely used by players outside of buying and selling to in-game vendors.

Currency can buy most items in the game with the exception of Binds on Pickup which is untradeable as soon as they are picked up. BoE items can be traded as long as they are not equipped. Buying WoW gold can be done through in-game means by buying and selling profession items and top-end gear. Some players grind for mounts or battle pets to get more WoW gold as these cosmetic items are worth a lot more than most equipment.

Getting WoW gold cheap isn’t easy as players are required to either invest a substantial amount of time in-game or to buy subscription tokens. WoW, subscription tokens can net a large amount of gold as the average price varies between 200 000 and 400 000 gold depending on the market. While tokens can be sold for a ton of WoW gold instead of farming it, they cost $15 each.

For most players, spending even more money than the base price of the game, expansions and the subscription is not an option. Therefore, many players turn to online services to get WoW gold from farmers. WoW, gold can be a lot cheaper through online services rather than the Blizzard shop. Eldorado is the shop to find the cheapest WoW gold for all players. Join our shop and maximize your in-game World of Warcraft experience!