WP Load Booster Plugin

WP Load Booster optimizes load speed performance of your website so that pages load more quickly. You should be able to see well ratings & scores when reviewing your pages with tools such as Google Page Test or GTMetrix. We have taken great attention to creating a very strong system but it would be worthless if you could not track real-time performance. You will be capable of verifying the plugin is running by interfacing with a committed service called GTmetrix using their free API level.

WP Load Booster Plugin
WP Load Booster Plugin

WP Load Booster Plugin Features:

  • Merge all javascript to one file.
  • Move all javascript to the footer.
  • Load JS files from Google Libraries.
  • Merge all CSS styles to one file.
  • Defer parsing of javascript files.
  • Minify all CSS styles.
  • Move CSS styles to the footer.
  • Remove RSD Link & Shortlink.
  • Remove WordPress emoji script.
  • Remove extra font styles.
  • Remove Manifest & WP Version.

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