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FREE Download WP No Right Click Plugin: Stop Content Theft & Earn Money!

FREE Download WP No Right Click Plugin for WordPress. Install this plugin on your WordPress site, save your precious content from theft, and generate $$$ when someone attempts to steal your blog content – NO JOKE!

Hey Webmasters … this isn’t a simple no-right-click plugin. It is a Ninja plugin that comes with extra goodies and perks for the webmaster.

What gives this premium plugin a superlative edge over others, is not only the added layer of security it provides but also an exciting opportunity for webmasters to generate some Real money when someone tries to steal your website’s content.

At the end of the day, the thief will be in extreme despair for not being able to copy your site’s content, and you will be in extreme rejoice to see lots of $$$ being generated in your site’s revenue.

WP No Right Click Plugin for WordPress: Here’s How This Plugin Helps You Earn Money – While Also Protecting Your Website’s Content From Theft…

This plugin adds an extra layer of security to your website and provides such a level of Safety that not even a PRO-thief can steal your site’s content – both text and media.

The moment a thief tries to steal content by right-clicking or highlighting your text for copy/paste, this plugin will instantly display an HTML AD pop-up to the thief. The more the people see this AD and engage with it, the more dollars you will make.

The HTML pop-up box is fully customize-able. You can either add an affiliate product banner link to get sales, add YouTube video link for views, or even include Adsense or any other monetization code to gain both impressions and clicks.

By installing this plugin, you are ultimately enjoying two major benefits: First, you are protecting your website’s content from theft or copying. Second, you are earning money by displaying an AD pop-up to the thief, every time he tries to steal your content.

Free Download WP No Right Click Plugin for WordPress

While this premium plugin may come at a huge cost, GreenHatWorld – keeping its tradition of helping the online community – brings you this plugin 100% Free. Click the ‘Download’ Button and straightaway get this amazing WP No Right Click Plugin.